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Will there be an admin subgroup?

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I have been a long time reader of your blogs, so let me start off by wishing you both best of luck in this endeavor.

I have two questions, and really don't know where to post them.

1. Will you be adding an administration subgroup for users to post issues with the forums and suggestions for expanding the subgroups? (First suggestion would be to add an admin subgroup. ;))

2. How do you plan on differentiating this forum from the financial webring forum?

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I agree that a group for "site suggestions" may be worthwhile. I would make the "Canadian Money Forum" logo at the top of the page a clickable link that takes you to the main page--I keep going to click on it to take me there, like other forums have set up...
Just my 2 cents!

Thanks for fixing that--and quickly too!
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