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Why Archie needs financial advice before marrying Veronica

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This is mostly for fun but Investors Group did start the ball rolling on this one. If I were Veronica I wouldn't touch Archie without an iron clad pre-nup but maybe love is blind?
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As the old saying goes, marry a rich woman and be prepared to work for the money.
Not that I would do this myself or advocate anyone else to, but do you think Archie is devious and amoral enough to plan to marry Veronica for her money, then keep Betty on the side as his mistress? More to the point, is it likely the people at Archie Comics will veer off in that direction once the fuss over this marriage dies down and they need to get their next publicity hit?
Archie and the gang have been published by a Christian comic book company in the past so that would be quite the turnaround ;)
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