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Hello all, first time poster on a mission to get a good picture of my asset allocation.

I invest in passive and manged mutual funds and ETF's. Because I'm usually after specific products, with low fees, I've ended up having these funds dispersed across four different FI's. There's 14 different funds in total.

What I'm trying to understand seems fairly simple. I want to know how well diversified I am, and specifically, answers to two questions for my portfolio:
1. What countries/regions is my money in
2. What sectors is my money invested in

I'm young, don't care much about bonds / money market.

It sounds like a lot of people on this and other forums spend a lot of time maintaining and manually updating spreadsheets to tell them this information. I'm not keen to invest this amount of time/effort, and am surprised it's necessary.

My question is: Does anyone know of website (ideally free) that you can pick all your Canadian mutual funds and ETFs, and that spit out your allocation for your entire portfolio?
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