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Where do you normally fill up ?

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Do you go where the lowest price is (one way is to check sites like or other local sites) or do you stick with a particular name to earn points/rebates ?

Thankfully, the gas prices this year are nowhere near what we had to pay last summer. We generally fill up at Esso using our Speedpass because it is linked to my wife's credit card which accumulates Aeroplan points for future trips.
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We normally go to petro stations. The fiance has the citi card that gives 2 cents off of every litre.
I could have sworn last year when gas had hit the $1.30 range, that Petro Canada was offering $0.05 off every litre on the citi cards. Did anyone actually get that card, and is it still $0.05? I know you can cash in petro points for a $0.05 off card, but I'm pretty sure what I saw was for a credit card.
I don't remember it ever dropping by 5 cents. The citi credit card only allowed for 2 cents.
Most cars have a 35-40 litre tank. You do realize that you are driving out of your way to save maybe 80 cents, right?
80 cents....thats $2.40 a month...$28.80 a year....compounded at 5% for 25 years....almost $100 dollars...if you contribute $28.80 every year you get over $1500....sorry I just had to do it because if I didn't someone would have.:D

I don't think its worth going out of your way...We usually try and hit a petro on the way but I would never drive like 10 blocks to get to one.
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