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Hi everyone, I have been following your forums for a few weeks now and I have learned alot.

I have a question about investing now.

Given that the TSX is currently up around the 10K mark, which is up about 1/3 from its levels in March (it was around 7.5K), do you think now is a good time to invest, or are things headed for a correction.

It just seems to me that the market has risen very sharply in a short time, but given the circumstances esp. in the US with the car companies...still unresolved and could result in a lot of job losses...are things going to turn down again?

I am generally not a market timer. I save each pay cheque but am wondering if I should be holding my funds in my ING account and wait to invest if things are going to turn back downward.

Any thoughts?
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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