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What's on your Smith Manoeuvre buy list?

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I just noticed a lot of people were saying that they were starting up a SM portfolio or we're looking to buy before this little run.

I started my SM portfolio right before things crashed in Oct 08 with an initial investment of 15k and have invested up to 22k. I keep a watch on stocks I would like to add as I build up funds and keep a 'buy list' of stocks I'd like to add.

Current Holdings
Royal Bank of Canada (RY)
Arc Energy Trust (AET.UN)
Avenir Difersified Income Trust (AVF.UN)
Riocan Real Estate Trust (REI.UN)
Encana (ECA)

I've noticed a lot of volatility with income trusts and I don't really want anymore exposure to them. I've doubled up on REI.UN in one of my other portfolios but I've built up enough funds to start looking at picking up another holding. The ones I find most interesting are:

TD Bank - the banks are paying great dividends right now and have such a great history of not decreasing them. RY is more a business bank and I think TD would give me another bank that is concentrated more on personal banking.

Enbridge (ENB) - solid, reliable, through thick and thin. Hasn't looked this attractive in awhile.

Fortis (FTS) - I don't really know their business well but they are in utilities and they should have a steady stream of income in bad and good times to keep the dividend payments coming.

I believe all three are Dividend Aristocrats so I just have to make a decision.

What do you guys think?

What's on YOUR buy list?
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Great thread. I've been keeping a watch list, though I am done with my "investing cycle" at the moment (do this about every 4-6 months right now). My dividend reinvestment plans are still at work for me, though.

I'm watching: Encana (ECA), Husky Energy (HSE), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), NewAlta (NAL), Shoppers Drug Mart, Cineplex Galaxy (CGX.UN). Quite a few others. It's too bad it takes a while to acquire everything. I'm aiming to get up to a 100-stock portfolio that I manage myself - all dividend-payers, of course.
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