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What to do with Gold and Silver?

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Recently I've bought some physical gold and silver. The question is what's the best way to store? Safety deposit box (esp. for gold)? In home and just buy rider on home insurance? Get a safe?

Do you think there is risk of confiscation in Canada today, just like there was in America in the 1930s when Roosevelt stole the public's gold? I'm guessing it might be harder today (and probably impossible especially for silver, which is much more plentiful), and also because today's currencies are generally backed by nothing (which is different from America in the 30s)

Any insight or comments would be appreciated.
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Keep some at home in a safe place and most of it in a safety deposit box I would think. I believe the risk of you being robbed or your house burning down is far greater then the government confiscation of your gold.

Also if you do keep it at home tell only a person you have to tell it to and tell nobody else. If your worst fears are realized then the people you tell will know where to look for some gold if they need it.
Jeeze !!! Your identity is no secret, yet you just told the world you have unidentifiable gold and silver in your house to be stolen.
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