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What bank do you have your main chequing account at?

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What bank do you have your main chequing account at?
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We're with PC Financial and have been since 1998.
I'm with TD and doubt I'll ever leave. I have one of their old accounts that you can no longer get. As long as I maintain $1000 balance I will not get dinged with any service fees (other than withdrawals at other bank machines).
PC financial. I've been happy with them thus far.
PC Financial.

All other accounts are basically for e-transfers to investment accounts.
TD Canada Trust. The service and branch hours are second to none. As was said above, I don't think I'll ever leave.
PC Financial (for no fee and ease of cash withdraws and transfers to/from savings account).
What bank do you have your main chequing account at?
We do an equal amount of banking with PC Financial and CIBC.
I've been with CIBC for 30+ years and have an old account with no service fees as long as I have $1500 in the account. I'm proud to say I've never paid fees as I don't even consider that money as part of my budget.
I've been with PC Financial and like everyone said they've been great!
We've both been with PC Financial since 2000/2001 - nothing but good things to say about them.
I am with RBC, i also have a VISA and a TFSA account with them so the monthly fee is waived as part of the multi-product rebate.
CIBC and they suck. Only inertia and the fact that no other bricks and mortar canuck bank seems much better for chequing keeps me there. Savings are at ING and investments at TD, both great.
RBC, no monthly fee due to multi product rebate (no minimum required).

They are great, never had a problem unlike the time I spent at TD and BMO.
I am with PC Financial since 2006. So far, so good! :)
TD - I am a very old former Canada Trust member. My account has my mom as a joint holder - we set this up in case something ever happened to me so the money could be accessed. Also, because she's over 60, we get the Plan 60 rate (no fees!)
RBC, no monthly fee due to multi product rebate (no minimum required).
same here!
RBC -- been there since I opened my first savings account. No matter where I have moved, I have always found them easy to deal with, and appreciate the contribution they make to my community.

The PC company, though present in our community, seem to make no voluntary contribution to it.

PC Financial. They are fine, until you need to take a large sum of cash out of your account. Unfortunately, you can't take it out over the counter at a CIBC branch. Instead, you will have to speak to them on the phone, after which they will temporarily increase your withdrawal limit, so you can take the money from the ATM in multiple transactions.

I moved from the UK where I never paid a penny to use a bank - on principle, I refuse to pay a bank to use my money to make money, but require me to pay money to do so. Yes, I know there are many counter arguments to this statement, but I'm sticking to my guns here!
Servus Credit Union. I jumped ship from PC after 3 horrible experiences in a row over the course of 3 months.
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