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Want to buy a land and later construct a house over it

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Hello everyone,

I am a newbie and planning to buy land and later build a 2-bedroom detached home over it. Could anyone shed some light on the average total construction cost and things to keep in mind when buying a piece of land and the pitfalls of constructing your home by yourself?
I know it is an open-ended question and any suggestion would be appreciated.

P.S. if this is not the correct website for this question, could someone suggest a good one?

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If you have no construction experience trying to build your own house will be a nightmare. You're not putting up a garden shed.
You may wish to clarify a few things;
  • location - city or rural
  • proximity to infrastructure; roads, water, sewage, hydro,
  • whether you intend to build it yourself, oversee trades, or hire an experienced builder that will build to your budget
The following apply to rural properties. About the only sort of land where you can wait to build on it in many parts of Canada:

1-Ensure the land can be zoned to allow a residential property use.
1a-That none if it is reserved for conservation use unless that is what you desire, or is in a flood plain.
2-That it has deeded access to a public road allowance if it does not immediately front on a road.
3-That a water well is economically feasible and can likely deliver a sufficient volume of potable and palatable water. Some rocks contains sulfides that can make water taste like sulphur, which is not nice.
4-That the soil has enough 'perc' = the ability to absorb liquids from a septic bed.
5-That electric power, if you plan to use it, can be accessed economically.
6-That if you plan for a propane fueled furnace that where the storage tank is to be sited can be accessed by the delivery truck, and that the driveway is suitable - ie not too steep or too soft in the spring.
7-That there is phone and internet options locally available, if you want them, or think that you someday sell to might want them.
8- What are the taxes on it now, and what would they rise to with a house on it.

Lots else to consider. The above list is just a start.

Use a local lawyer familiar with the issues, and maybe pay a local builder for an estimate to a set of catalog plans to identify issues they will see that may not be evident to you.

You don't have to deal with them down the road, but up front the lawyer's and builder's advice and issues identification will be priceless, compared to buying land that cant be used down the road to build what you want on it.
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Right now could be the worst time to build a house. Material costs are extremely high and supply is also scarce. You may start with a well planned budget but will definitely end with a delayed project and way over-budget.
He is not building the house now. He is just buying the land now and will build later at a better time
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