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Vanguard ETFs performance?

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Through reading CC and various other blogs, i have become a big believer of asset allocation and ETFs based investment strategy. Looking at some the vanguard ETFs that are recommended by the bloggers and other investors, below are the performances (avg annual returns) i see from the venguard web site.

VTI 0.25% (since inception in 2001)
VT -13.09% (since inception in 2008)
VNQ 1.13% (since inception in 2004)
VB 1.74% (since inception in 2004)
VEA -13.98% (since inception in 2007)
VWO 11.51% (since inception in 2005)

Are these correct? Granted some of them are recent but VTI??
Buy and hold and EFT is all good but not if returns avg 0.25% over 10 years?!
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You need to look at historical charts.,DIA
See Sheet 8 for rolling 5 and 10 year returns on the S&P

Any history that starts in 2001 will include both the tech bubble crash as well as the credit crunch.
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