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Hi everyone.

As a newbie investor I sometimes tumble and fall while using my direct brokerage. Today was such a day.

I bought a couple months ago through my US$ account some GE shares. Last two weeks I started to average down and bought three times cheaper.

With my last transaction I noticed that I didn't have enough cash on my USD account and told my brokerage to use my CAD account (as I thought, that they will automatically convert to USD).

Now I noticed that I have GE in my USD account AND in my CAD account and am confused how to prepare that in my excel list as learned here.

In a chase of elimation should I first sell one position (let us say just from the CAD accounts) or what should I do? Would that make it easier to keep it as simple as possible? How will it be later taxation wise?

(btw, unreal performance of GE in this week)

Thank you all for your help.

Northern Alex.
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