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Twitter User Names

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So I finally decided to setup a Twitter profile and I'm liking it so far.

While I've found many of you on there, I was thinking we should have this thread for everyone to post their Twitter user names to help connect the CMF community on Twitter.

My user name is CanadianFinance, the twitter link is now in my signature.
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Great idea, you can find me here:
I post there as JonChevreau (no space) and follow most of the people in this thread. Has anyone noticed a certain reciprocity there? That is, I'm told that if someone follows you and you choose not to follow back, they'll "unfollow" within a few days. Look at the twitterers with 1000s of followers and followees and you'll notice the numbers are roughly equal.
Great idea

Twitter is quickly becoming my favourite news source.

Follow me

Follow my radio show and blog,

Good tweeting.
Here's a Guide to Twitterspeak you can use to explain it to newcomers.

I found it on -- where else? -- Twitter?

After much internal debate have signed on and will hopefully get the gist of this fairly quickly. I've signed up to follow some of you already hope no one minds. It seemed the easiest thing to start with for this novice.
I have two Twitter channels for different audiences

I wanted to use my own name but found it was already taken :(

There is a nifty tool that checks if a username is available on oodles of popular sites.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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