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Source: youtube link watch?v=TuYHivFl4hI (I cant post links yet)

This is the most recent video of the Taxation of Americans Overseas event with Solomon Yue and John Richardson. They are spearheading legislation called TTFI (Territorial Taxation for Individuals) to end citizenship based taxation. This would stop the double taxation and punitive compliance on US citizens living outside the US. If you are not aware, the US and the African dictatorship Eritrea are the only countries on the planet to use citizenship based taxation.

**Write, email and phone call your local representative! Take action!**

Their last event was in Toronto and they are country touring in the EU. The Toronto event took place in Aug, the video can be seen here: youtube link /watch?v=MEOFv-vfigI

9 million americans live outside the US and are affected by this. I advise you to write to your US house representative and state representative to support the TTFI bill and share your plight from the double taxation with citizenship based taxation. Rep. George Holding(R-NC) is the one sponsoring the TTFI bill.

If you are effected I advise you to join the American Expatriates 2.0 group on Facebook - theres lots of discussions there. Keith Richmond runs the page and hes an advocate for Americans overseas who suffer under this regime.

The website isaacbrocksociety regularly posts updates on this subjects - Its Canadian based.
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