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Try an auction for savings

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I have been frequenting auctions recently and great deals can be had on things. Many utilitarian items go for a song: things like linens, kitchen gear, books, hand tools.

Some recent examples of my purchases:

Four 3/8 inch chuck hand drills for $2. Thats $2 for all of them. Three worked.

Piles of blankets and sheets for $1. I haven't looked too closely yet, but I'd say I have at least a half dozen sheet sets and a half dozen blankets for my $2.

A selection of books $2 each.

Of course there is always some regretable buys too. Like the time I was biding on some metric combination wrenches. Problem was, they weren't a set, there were four 19 mm and four 23 mm. A complete waste of money.

One can do well on bigger purchase too. I picked up a plow and disc cheap the last time out.

Sometimes things go for silly prices. Often I want something for utilitarian purposes, but am bidding against collectors. I wanted an apple press and would happily have paid $100, but two women bid it up to $450. Clean, new non rusted apple presses can be had for about the same money.

You do have to be prepared to make a day of it though, so it is best if you enjoy the hunt and the social aspect. If you can work an extra shift that day, the job is likely the better economic choice.

I am reporting on my experiences with rural, mostly estate auctions. I have no idea how it works in the city.

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Interesting idea. I have never attended an auction, although there is an auction house right up the street from where I live (in the city). My impression has always been that they deal in luxeries - art, jewlery, collectables, etc. I didn't know they had regular household items there.

But maybe that's the difference between a rural and city auction?
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