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Ok, a little different one here.

Before I was married and had kids, I opened an individual RESP for my niece and nephew. I contributed a modest amount in there monthly, but stopped after my kids were born.

So both accounts are opened in my name, but the beneficiary (for each account) is one of the two kids. I know that their mom (my sister) has an RESP for them both as well (not sure of the details). Lets assume the accounts setup for her kids are similar to what I've opened.

The Question: Can I transfer both accounts so that they can be merged with my sister's accounts that she has for the kids? It seems like a bit of a hassle to have a single, small account for them opened by me when my sister has accounts opened for them that are significantly larger. Of course I'll approach the bank to ask the question too, but I never feel I get the correct (or knowledgeable) answer from the bank on these sorts of questions.
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