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Toronto's distillery district restaurant

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Hi guys,

Any advice on good restaurant in the distillery district (Toronto) ? I am looking for mainly excellent food quality, fancy place is fine, it's one of those time in the year when you take the time to have a good meal :)

I have read reviews that recommend The Boiler House - anybody have some personal experience that can suggest a good restaurant?

Thanks in advance!
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Been to Perigee, The Boiler House and Archeo Trattoria. Archeo has a warehouse feel, food was ok. Boiler House is a bit better and Perigee if you want to fancy it up.
I read good reviews about Perigee ... but then I found out that they have closed down earlier this year. :(
ive been to boiler house and pure spirit - both on or just off of mill st.

Pure Spirit was much much better. The food was fantastic and amazingly fresh oysters if you like them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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