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Back in the heyday of mutual fund mania (that would be the 1990s), there was a period when most every financial advisor recommended either Trimark Fund or Templeton Growth Fund. As time marched on, they might have added Fidelity International, Saxon World, AGF International Value or Brandes Global Equity. Or maybe Universal Growth Fund or some other fund.

Don't hear much about these nowadays though I'm sure legacy clients still have billions in them, collectively.

Does everyone here use ETFs instead or are there still some who like these oldies but goodies? Do you feel they preserved capital during the bear market or went down with the indexes? If so, are you adding to your position in recent months?

I suppose my blog has occasionally mentioned some or all of these, but not much lately:
My wife and I don't feel that mutual funds provide any value to us - diversification never made any sense to us. I do, however, remember those names in our friend's portfolios.
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