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Are you tempted to sell into this rally?

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Time to get out of the market?

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With the recent market rally - are you tempted to cash in and go to the sidelines?

Some industries have bounced >75% from the lows (Ag/fertilizers stocks), the CAD life-co's are up almost 50%, banks have recovered a lot etc.

No one has shown any real ability for sustained growth in this environment, we know both consumers and financial institutions are not spending - the major root of this down turn (tight credit) is still around.

I'm not bearish per se, certainly no bullish - I just think it'll take a long while before things start chugging. So, any of your tempted to sell, now that markets have recovered substantially? I know I'm tempted, don't know if I'll do anything though.
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You may want to view this Economic Advisor by the name of Martin Armstrong, if he is right, we will see a catastrophic event on April 20-23. He has predicted, with his mathematical economic model, many events that have happened. He is currently in JAIL because he refused to turn over this "model" to the US government. The Government claimed he was controlling the world markets. Goldman Sachs was the main whiner. Martin got 5 yrs in prison, if you can believe that! It must have some HUGE economical meaning for the government to put him away. I have read entire articles over the years and they are incredibly ACCURATE and SCARY..He just wrote one in the last few weeks I have it on my blog...We'll see how accurate he is over the next few days!
report back on the 24th and update us on what happened

If Armstrong is correct as you say, then everyone should be buying PUTS or shorting stocks

Tin hats - not allowed

BTW, do you have any idea or any details of the catastrophic event?
I don't pay attention to predictions because I don't believe in predicting the future. If I did, I would also believe in fortune tellers...
my wife can predict almost anything and be 100% wrong
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Right now I'm just waiting on BAC to announce and I'll decided then.
annouce what?

and when you do get into BAC will it be buy & hold, since they currently are paying no dividends
BAC is announcing earning on the 20th. I already own BAC and am enjoying that 1c dividend :rolleyes: . I just haven't decided if I want to sell if the news is half decent.
sometime after the 20th April have you considered doing a long covered call then taking the premium to buy more stock.

Whether its worth doing or not depends on you average price, right now the call option $12.50 JAN 2010 is paying over $2.50
ya might be worth while. My average price is about $10.20. I wouldn't mind selling 700 shares as covered calls.
at end of day BAC closed up at $10.60, then after hours it popped to $10.96

The $12.50 call options last trade

Jan 2010 last $2.74
Jan 2011 last $3.20

After seeing what Citi reported today, BAC's results next week may see the stock go either way. My guess is above $11 - $12
MFD, did you sell your BAC today?

BAC will probably report good numbers and cause the price to go up. I agree with thicken My Wallet that the numbers will probably be accounting slight of hand.

What worries me is I don't have any more funds on hand. If the stock spikes I'll probably exit half of my position since I'm way over weight in BAC and sit on the cash and wait for another possible market correction
MFD, ouch today on BAC:(
If you think you can "time" the market, read Larry Swedroe's new blog which I mention in my own blog today at

In particular, read his three-part series entitled "The Advice Remains the Same," in which he talks about efficient markets, why you can't time the market and why even so-called "defensive" strategies won't work.;col1
Agree that timing the market is a fools game

Did you not say you held GE?

If so, what is your average price on GE and how long have you been holding it?

What had you set as an exit price going in the first time, or was the idea to be in for the long haul no matter what to collect dividends
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