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Interesting developments about the lab in Winnipeg.

The investigation is being headed by the serious crimes and national security division of the RCMP.

The investigation has been moved from an administration problem to one involving national security.

One of the students brought to the lab by the Chinese researchers is a member of the PLA military of China.

Why were they allowed to even be in the top level lab and allowed to send Ebola and other deadly pathogens out of the lab ?

Why haven't charges been laid yet ? Perhaps this is the reason.

"This would also explain why you haven't charged them, because once you charge them, then eventually you have to put people on trial. And when you put people on trial, then you have to disclose the evidence that you have. So the government might quite intentionally be trying to keep this sort of relatively below the radar as much as it can," he said.

I'm amazed! This is just WOW! Political correctness is going to destroy this country!
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