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The craziest bubble stocks

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Maybe we can build a list of the craziest, most hyped, bubble stocks (or other securities) in this current market rally? Here's what I have


And here are some performance statistics, sorted by 12 month return. Originally I was going to use % but the numbers are so huge that I decided to convert them to "multiples". For example NIO went up 17.7 fold, over 12 months ($1,000 became $17,700). The lowest performer on the list is ARKK which only about tripled in price, 2.8 times.

The winner over 1 month is PLUG.

I am not interested in owning any of these, but bubbles are fascinating to watch.

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I held off years before buying Google and Amazon, because I didn't understand the valuation.
Me too. Same for Apple, Tesla etc. They always intrigue me then I read on here how overvalued they are

Exponential growth is hard to understand until it's hindsight
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ARKK has been there since 2014 and it's been a hero only in 2017 and 2020. But those years were so great that it made ARKK a good investment choice, even though the performance is inconsistent. Let's just say it's the volatility of disruptive innovation and as long as there's more upside volatility, it's a good option.
I came across ARKK and Cathie Wood first because of their presence in crypto. Another day years ago I noticed Elon Musk replying to her on Twitter (one of like 100 people he follows). Again this was several years ago. Few days ago a colleague mentioned her and suddenly I'm seeing her mentioned everywhere I look

She seems to ignore short term noise and look +10 years out. Some people have a knack or intuition for disruptive big picture long term potentials without worrying about the smaller details. Rather than analyzing bloomberg terminals in cubicles like everyone else she brainstorm with likeminded investors and send them to network with the industry

I always seem to get excited for things +10 years before they become mainstream. I try to bounce thoughts off others but the vast majority of people can't see that far. It made me second guess myself and miss out on huge investments. Once I stopped listening to all the naysayers it eventually comes to fruition

The best investments like this start out very slow with little interest. Especially if everyone else disagrees because they have blinders on or simply don't have the long term vision. She hasn't wavered from her investments for a long time it's not like she jumped on the bandwagon with the masses at the end
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I was reading somewhere that her fund lost like 80% in 2000. I don’t know about her intuition that time.
10 years later techs stocks are all the rage.
  1. GameStop (GME)
  2. BlackBerry (BB)
  3. C3.Ai (AI)
  4. Nokia (NOK)
  5. Palantir (PLTR)
  6. AMC (AMC)
  7. Alcoa (AA)
  8. Silvergate Capital (SI)
  9. DuPont (DD)
  10. Bed Bath & Beyond
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You CAN make a stock position completely yours by transferring to a physical stock certificate, which moves it from street name to your
name. It becomes truly in your name and immune to losses. On the other hand, there are extra costs in doing that and it will be a pain if you ever want to sell it.
What do you think happens if everyone tried to transfer their stocks to a physical certificate??

What if I told you that this is exactly how crypto works except you can use decentralized exchanges to trade easier. You can also provide liquidity to the decentralized exchanges to earn income that these brokers are currently earning off your idle shares instead of you

Give it 5-10 years and stocks should be tokenized on blockchains
What happens when someone misplaces the keys?
Yea we need social keys (can be recovered by x trusted guardians) Otherwise you can always pay for professional custody (should be distinct from an exchange employing "your" assets for liquidity)
Value stocks did very well over those next 5-10 years.
I have a feeling emerging markets will perform well in this period. A pandemic is just another day in the park for them. They have always dealt with hardships and crisis. Weaker USD could be huge for them
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So the meme coin is doing exactly what you'd expect a meme coin to do?

What else is new
I've been picking up stocks from ETF holdings like BLOK

The market has gone crypto crazy. I'd like to know why US based companies like Galaxy, Voyager etc are listed on CN
Ethereum is on a run, wow. But I must admit it's the only crypto I would be willing to buy
I narrowed it down to ETH and ADA.

ETH pays me 5.5-6.5% (liquid) and 8% (bonded) and this is expected to increase after the ETH2 merge at these volumes. The fees will get burned at that point. This could make ETH the first capital that can also be liquid and a commodity (transaction fees) Visa, Mastercard and European banks will be using it for transactions

ADA pays me 5-6% (liquid) and is projected to have its biggest upgrade in Aug. They have agreements with governments and they have far more features for governance and sustainability. ADA seems more professional and advanced but nothing is really built on it yet. If they get smart contracts and DeFi before ETH2..

I have some exposure to BTC in TFSA/RRSP. I have random other tokens that have exploded but I don't see them sticking around. No DOGE yet
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I haven't bought ETH for a long time @MrBlackhill but I hold a lot of it. I run an ethereum node and I used ethereum DeFi before the gas prices got out of hand (now hundreds of dollars per transaction..)

Lately I'm buying Polygon because it appears to be the best scaling solution coming to ethereum. It's easier to stake than ETH. If I sell some ETH after this pump cools off I might put more into Polygon. However if Cardano successfully launches smart contracts I will be laser focused on their DeFi projects. User experience is so much better with Cardano and the fees are tiny.

Look at VYGR, COIN etc. Voyager app has been crashing and getting complaints but I see that as unfortunate growing pains from exponential demand. Coinbase is now the #1 app in the US app store
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HUT 8 announces plans to list on NASDAQ

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Lately I'm buying Polygon because it appears to be the best scaling solution coming to ethereum. It's easier to stake than ETH. If I sell some ETH after this pump cools off I might put more into Polygon. However if Cardano successfully launches smart contracts I will be laser focused on their DeFi projects. User experience is so much better with Cardano and the fees are tiny.
Polygon and Cardano now pumping while everything else is down
Looks like many are down 10% or more this morning.

Why the big sell off today?

Elon Musk tweet storm about crypto over the weekend. US taxes are also due but I think it's more the uncertainty from the "technoking of Tesla"

Cardano, Solana, Polygon are up in a sea of red since this started because they are the most likely ones he would chose

Fixing Doge as Elon says they will try to do is possible but it would take a complete overhaul at this point

Yet hodling 40% of your wealth in bonds in an inflationary environment..

Inflation is actually fiat "moving" in the wrong direction except you see fiat as 1 unit = 1 unit

You just have to reframe your mind
Meanwhile Cardano is up 30% this week and Polygon up 140%
Voyager Digital earnings next week

From crumbs dropped by the CEO could be 10-20x new accounts, trades and AUM

Plans to expand to Canada and Europe
I thought AMC was just another short squeeze

This trend started with Bill Gates shorting TSLA and losing hard

VYGR is also heavily shorted btw
Now it's just a big correction due to the expectations of rising rates.
Sometimes we even get "buy the news" when the Fed gives "bad news" that isn't as bad as expected

It's like the reverse "buy the rumour" when the rumour is bad news. Just Wall Street doing Wall Street things

JPow loads his pellet gun with a rate hike and looks the rabid stimulus addicted elephant in the eye
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