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The craziest bubble stocks

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Maybe we can build a list of the craziest, most hyped, bubble stocks (or other securities) in this current market rally? Here's what I have


And here are some performance statistics, sorted by 12 month return. Originally I was going to use % but the numbers are so huge that I decided to convert them to "multiples". For example NIO went up 17.7 fold, over 12 months ($1,000 became $17,700). The lowest performer on the list is ARKK which only about tripled in price, 2.8 times.

The winner over 1 month is PLUG.

I am not interested in owning any of these, but bubbles are fascinating to watch.

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^ No and so? +34% this week (and for what reason? CEO needs a castle of make-up stash?). Next week, it's -34%.

Remember the simple saying "what goes up comes down" and what goes up fast, comes down even harder, if not faster.
1 - 1 of 286 Posts
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