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Newbie here...

I have an ING TFSA savings account, which I opened in Jan. I'm looking to tread into the global couch potato territory for my next contribution. I've read up on few of the posts here and I had a few questions, being the newbie I am. I really appreciate your insightful inputs.

1) I'm interested in the TD efunds. In order to trade this, do you need to use TD Waterhouse or can I sign up with a discount brokerage like Questrade. Any differences (e.g. do I pay something extra)?

2) How do you make an in-kind transfer from ING to the discount brokerage, say Questrade? Since I've already made my $5k contribution, I need to properly transfer to Questrade or pay penalties ... I'm thinking about simply waiting until Dec, withdraw from ING and deposit withdrawal and new contribution into Questrade in Jan BUT I would like to know about this in-kind contribution for future reference.

3) How does spousal contribution work? Do you declare this at income tax time? How does the CRA distinguish between spousal contribution and over contribution?

Thanks in advance!

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