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I have an RRSP account with TD Mutual Funds and I am thinking to open an e-series account as well (I asked a question about converting a while back, havent got the time to actually do it). The e-series account will also be an RRSP

I still have some questions about TD Mutual Funds vs E-series though:

  • I want to open an e-series account, should I keep my current TD Mutual Funds separate or should I just use the convert option and convert my TD Mutual Funds to e-series?

  • What's the different between holding TD Mutual Funds RRSP outside e-series and inside e-series?

  • What's really the point / advantage converting my current TD Mutual Funds RRSP into an e-series RRSP account?

  • As far as I understand e-series simply have different choices of funds with lower MER than TD Mutual Funds? Thus, even if I convert TD Mutual Funds into e-series, I'll still have the same funds that I already have under the TD Mutual Funds and still have the same MERs?

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