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Suggestions to add to TFSA

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Hi there,
I've recently been getting into managing my investments (most of my stuff is with a bank brokerage) and opened a TFSA. I spent half my amount to buying RIOCAN reit and i've enrolled in the DRIP program to use as a long-term play and collect more shares as time goes on. Now ihave ~$2500 left and i'm stuck with what to do with it.

I've had my eye on a consumer discretionary (LLL: Lululemon) for some time but it pays no dividends and it's stock is on the rise. My wife loves the brand which is why i've been watching it.

I also have shares in a financial (CIBC) so i've got that area covered and also recently enrolled in it's DRIP program.

I use Questrade for my TFSA and was thinking about a couple items, maybe you can give me your opinion:

ATVI (activision) - it's a US stock and i dont quite know what i'll lose in the currency conversion but i believe theres a good future in this stock.
BVF (Biovail) - pharma company so i can add to that sector but recently took a hit with one of its Parkinson drugs failing a phase 3 test
- some energy stock that pays dividends and is in the $15-20 range (if possible)

I'm really thinking long-term here and don't do day-trading or anything, i'll just add to my TFSA every year and re-adjust allocations as necessary.

Any thoughts/opinions? Thanks.
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One question: Can we hold US Stocks (US Currency) in our TFSA? I use Questrade and can someone let me know if there's any fees, extra charges or tax?

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