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StudioTax; Terrific but we need a FORUM for it

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As a retired TaxMan, I can say that StudioTax is VERY good. Some areas will give users some cause for wonder and a forum to discuss questions would be VERY helpful for all users. I can't find a forum; would anyone care to start one strictly for users of StudioTax? For example, I wonder:
1. why is not the CCA calculated automatically on T1175?
2. why does the calculated CCA not carry automatically to T1163?
3. How to enter Business Use of Home expenses (farm) on T1163?
I've used StudioTax for several years and really like it a lot. Sent them some $$$ last year to encourage them.
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Is there a way to send a note to CRA along with your StudioTax return?

Can't find any place to attach a note. I need to explain a few things.
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