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Stock market jitters after US election. Time to buy

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Regardless of who gets elected in November, the markets will drop and then see a correction. I'm holding on to cash in preparation to pick up some more of my favorites.:biggrin-new:
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He's made a lot of grandiose statements regarding taxes, free trade deals, etc. Fortunately, he can't do all that much without Congress.
I heard Trump say he wants a large corporate tax cut and a large personal income tax cut-he isn't exactly Bernie Sanders.
Yes, a very different kind of moronic populist.
Yeah and Mordko doesn't find his hair sexy either.
To be very clear on this ... I don't want Trump to be elected.

But I've heard some historians talk about this and I agree: Trump is a symptom of the disease, not the root cause of the disease. Even if he isn't elected, there will be more like him and his type is not going away soon. USA and Europe.
That is only half the story-Crooked Hillary is (according to all the polls) the most despised and hated person to ever get this close to being elected POTUS-does that not make Hillary Clinton a symptom of a disease, in this case a political power structure totally isolated and removed from the public? How is possible no one more acceptable to the American public was put forth by the DNC?
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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