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Stock market jitters after US election. Time to buy

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Regardless of who gets elected in November, the markets will drop and then see a correction. I'm holding on to cash in preparation to pick up some more of my favorites.:biggrin-new:
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As much as I dislike Trump, I'd love to see him strike some fear into the Federal Reserve and prompt them to end their 7 year pump job of stock & bond markets.
I think it's preferable to the alternative, which would be the Great Depression Part 2.
Yeah and Mordko doesn't find his hair sexy either.
I wasn't aware that hair was made out of polyester. ;)
Pretty much anyone with more than one braincell wants to cut down Trump.
That would explain a lot about his supporters.
I've seen a bit of Trump talking on details, he's not quite as bad as people claim.

The problem is many people see a big self serving government that has little care or concern for the actual people, and they don't like it.
They're desperate for someone to call BS on the whole mess.

There is a reason that video clip of the PM responding to Alberta job losses is making the rounds. What it sounds like to some people was.

"Hey PM we have job losses and trouble, what are you going to do to help us?"
"Don't worry about it fellow MP, you're in Ottawa now, not Alberta"

The disease is the feeling of far flung elites trying to run our lives with little regard for the people, and it's frustrating them.
Trump is exactly as bad as he seems. He has a stable of handlers, yet he just flies off the handle at the slightest provocation. That shows you that he's a total *rhymes with glass blow*.

I also find it ironic that you, and many equate Trump to a non-elite. This guy even eats KFC with a knife and fork.
All we know from Trump's 1995 tax return is he lost nearly $1 billion from that year. That loss can be applied from 1992 to 2010. What we don't know is how much he earned in any other year from 1992 through 2015. He could have paid taxes since then.
Don't bet on it.
Not sure incurring a billion dollar loss in a single year is a sign of productivity, sound management or entrepreneurship, but if that's how you interpret it, so be it. As far as staying within the law, Trump has major problems, be it Cuban investment, use of illegal foreign labour or misuse of his foundation for personal gain.
He's also in bed with the Russians. I actually recall being in New York about a decade ago, and the topic of Trump came up. People there told me that he was broke, and that if it wasn't for some Russian billionaires he was friends with, he'd be on the street. This was long before he decided to run.
I never said he was a non elite. I did say he is calling it BS, because politics in the US is F**KED.
I agree it's FU'd, it's just plain nuts the way things work down there.
1 - 7 of 53 Posts
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