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Hi everyone, over the past while here I've been putting together a budgeting application which I did mainly for my own personal use.

Basically I showed it to a few of my friends and co-workers and they thought it was a handy tool, so I've decided to get it online and see if maybe I can get it to help some people.

First of all I need to say that this is just a for fun project of mine, I'm not expecting this to cost or make me any money, either short or long term.

So I've got the website up and the Simple Budget software ready to download, and right now I'm just really looking to get a few people trying it out and providing some feedback. What I'd like to do is actually create something that's useful and that people really can get some real use out of, so I really want to keep working on this and developing it with real-world feedback.

One cool feature that I haven't seen anywhere else (at least in a free program) is the ability to import a .CSV from your online banking system to download your daily expenses into my program. It's pretty handy.

This is an actual PC application and not some flakey Excel spreadsheet (not that they're all flakey).

Anyway I'm definitely hoping I can ask the forum members to try it out and provide feedback and suggestions!

Thanks everyone,
I applaud your altruism... I've been known to post a free spreadsheet or two. I just hope people don't associate my spreadsheets with the term "flaky". ;-)

Unfortunately, I can't try your program but it looks good from the screen shots. Best of luck with your efforts to help others becoming better masters of their financial destiny.
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