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Anyone has experience with selling condo assignment?
Wish I had never bought it after saw the 'condo crush' scam from CBC marketplace.
Anyway, it was purchased in 2007 summer(investment purpose) and tried to sell it since may 2008, found the agent from online research (he got a very good website about selling condo assignment) and I thought he must be very good with it. I was disappointed with him now because he never tried to contract me and give me any updates. anyway, the contract is ending next month.
any suggestions if I should try to find another agent or I should just leave it til the condo is builded(completion date was supposed to be end of 1010)
I just want to get the money out from it($30000 invested) I'm afraid I may not have the 10% closing $ :( is it possible to sell back to the builder?
I would suggest you will try to sell it to an investment group or member. That is pretty much the only way.

Find out local real estate groups and attend their seminar. Prepare a spreadsheet showing what you got, what you want for it and so forth. If anyone will get interested then you can get out.
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