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2015: I bought a new house for $499,000 for my parents to live in. I was living in another house that I own at the time so cannot consider this new house as a primary residence.
2017: I moved into this new house. Assessed value is now $505,000. The old house I was living in is converted into a rental.
2019: I rented out this house and I moved elsewhere. Assessed value is $500,000.

I am now consider selling this property in 2020, of which the market value should be around $500,000. Mostly likely will be slightly below $500k, which would be a loss.

My understanding is that changing this house to a rental in 2019 is deemed as a change in use if I were to try to claim principal residence for the initial period I was using the house personally. However I can't really because I had another house already that I was also staying in.

I would like to confirm how I would fill out my 2020 taxes if I sell this house this year and what I'd put in the T1 Capital Gains/Losses form for a) year of acquisition and b) adjusted cost basis

Is it possible to take a conservative approach by NOT claiming primary residence for any of the time period and just call it a capital loss relative to the time I bought it in 2015?
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