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Selling covered calls

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I've read a book and gone to a few websites to learn more about this strategy. The problem is that they talk about theoretical examples and I need to understand how to look for the appropriate value based on stocks I own right now (e.g. TD et al., MX, HSE, TCK.B).

Is there an investment club or good blog where I can start taking advantage of my long positions in stocks to earn a little more money beyond the dividend payments?
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I agree that writing puts and calls is not for the beginning investor.

I have observed on this forum that for every investor there seems to be a comfort zone in which he/she is comfortable. For instance in my case I buy and sell mostly warrants, a niche section of the market. I do very well there in my little happy place. Other's think I am crazy because they have heard it is very risky. When I try to explain to them what I am up to their eyes glaze over. So my strategy which works very well for me and seems very obvious to me is not obvious at all to others.

The point to my ramble is that if you are "attracted" to this area of the market give it a try. You may also develop your own lucrative niche that you are comfortable with.

Now I paid many thousand dollars for my formal education.... I also paid for my education in the stock market. You can be prepared to do the same. This does not mean you should not do it and learn more after all that is how people get to be educated investors.

My advice is check it out and tread lightly and test the waters while learning and remember how much it costs for university !!!
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