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I'm self employed. My client needed me to go to USA to do some work. They paid for my flight and hotel directly. I paid for my meals while there, and the client reimbursed me. And of course they paid me my daily rate for the work I did.
When I invoiced the client, I charged GST for the work I did. However, I did not charge GST for the meal reimbursement. Should I have?
In my income tax, it looks like I include revenue from my fees plus the food reimbursement, then I deduct the food expense. However, for GST charged to the client, it's not clear. Anyone have any idea?
My logic was that it's an expense overseas and therefore GST is not involved. And that the GST would only make sense on any value I added/supplied. But I'm having trouble finding anything about it. (closest thing is memos regarding "place of supply") Hope someone here has some advice! (and if you have a reference, even better) Thanks!
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