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If the folks at Second Opinion don't sell securities are they licensed to give investment advice to individuals? If not, what exactly do you expect for a second opinion since they cannot comment on the suitability of any investments for any individual. I suppose they could comment on asset allocation and perhaps they could comment on fees but I would not expect them to comment on the investments themselves.
You have to do a bit of searching, but they do have a page on their web site with a write-up on each of their advisors, and they seem to have good credentials.

They are very cagey about what they charge however: all I could find was: Our only source of income is the fee that you pay and therefore our loyalty and fiduciary duty is to you alone.

So it is clear they are fee-for service. Fair enough. I imagine you get an estimate of their fee when you submit a request for an opinion, depending on how complicated your situation is.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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