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Seasonal ETF

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What do you guys think of the new seasonal ETF by the Horizon Funds. I really like Don Vialoux who will have his hands on this, check it out here

I like the idea of this fund even though nothing is for sure especially if everyone starts buying into seasonal investing.
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This is an interesting concept. I think we'll start seeing more of these actively managed ETFs in the future.

What do people think about the inclusion of a performance fee (20% over High Water Mark & 5% annualized hurdle rate)? The incentive to outperform is there while the high water mark should keep them from taking on excessive risk.

After taking a second look, it looks like it will be made up primarily of other ETFs. If the information is available, another idea could be to look at their top holdings and buy those ETFs yourself to save on fees.
Holdings are reported at best on a monthly basis, there is no way you can successfully copy a rotational investment vehicle using out of date data. Of course we don't even know if anyone would want to copy this at this point.
In reality just another in the long and ever growing line of investment gimmicks in the desperate attempt to drum up business in the absurdly bloated investment marketplace. Though you do need to give props to the more intriguing ideas.
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