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This is a real pain. Opening the app on an iPad today provides a pop-up message that the app will be discontinued early in 2017. It directs one to the iPhone app, or the iTrade website or Scotiabank website, to access the account.

No iPhone app appears to be found at Apple's app store. Signing in via website is a royal pain, having to dump cookies for security, then entering account number and password.

The iPad app is currently only showing account balances for me, but hangs on attempting any other actions.

Talk about a few steps backwards.
email them and complain.
Thought I doubt they care, TD has completely ignored feedback on how horrible their new website is, yet they continue, and have completely shut off the old version.
They've even mangled the TDDI website.

Personally I don't touch banking apps, no way I'm putting my banking info on my phone.

To be fair, they did fix the Visa Bankcards when I complained about that. Upon request you can get a non-visa bank card, so I guess they sometimes do listen.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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