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In the collectible world, condition, authenticity, rarity, and desirabilty are everything in ascertaining the value.

I have over ten thousand vintage sports cards, many of which would be worth hundreds or many thousands each if graded a PSA 10 mint.

But they aren't 10 grades, which is very, very , very rare for vintage cards from the 1970s due to the crappy recycled cardboard and poor printing process.

So I just enjoy the cards with little value in comparison, as much as the person who has a mint PSA 10 example of the same card.

I also have an eccentric collection of collectibles, including a 1946 (I think but would have to look at it) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs book.

It is black and white and contains the art of Walt Disney. It is worth about $200 today.

But, if it was a still wrapped mint condition copy, signed by Walt Disney presenting it as a gift to one of his kids for would be worth 6 figures.

Collectibles are a world of the "what ifs".

I used to write about collectibles and often was asked by people what a specific card or item was worth. They often didn't appreciate the answer.

Typically.....I have a 1952 Mickey Mantle card......what do you think it is worth ?

I examine it and might be able to get $500 for it, if someone really wants a copy and doesn't care about the condition.

They say........but one sold for $3 million at auction. Mine must be worth at least $300,000.

I say........yea, but it is the only known example of the highest graded card at PSA 8 NM and yours looks like the dog chewed it up, and ate some of it.

I bought a nice looking Wayne Gretzky rookie card from a guy for $20. One recently sold for a big pile of money.

The card I bought was nice but somebody had punched a hole where Gretzky's head was to put it on a key was common at the time.

I sold the card for $30 and was happy with a $10 profit.

It is another card that is almost impossible to find in PSA 10 grade, due to the issues with OPC printing and cutting methods, plus the fact the card is baby blue and simply touching it leaves a microscopic smudge on it........and yes, they use powerful microscopes to grade the cards and measure them exactly to determine the "centering" and make sure the card hasn't had the corners or edges "trimmed". PSA 10 vintage cards are very rare and very valuable.

If you have one....congratulations and .call Heritage Auctions.. They will come and get it if they have to.....:)

Cards also often ended up in bicycle wheels making a cool flapping noise......flap, flap, flap, flap..
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