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Worldwide, electricity prices are falling in many (most?) places due to decreased demand and increased supply. At least, wholesale prices are; it doesn't seem like the end consumer is reaping most of the benefit.

There are a few things affecting this: more efficient LED/CFL lights, more efficient appliances, less cooking at home (restaurants tend to use gas, and use it more efficiently), smaller homes (condos), smart home technology, and more attention on energy usage.

Also, there's more "green" and alternative energy coming onto the market (e.g. wind, solar, and various cogen schemes). As these technologies improve, we'll see further reductions in energy prices. When home solar systems (panels, batteries, inverters) become competitive price-wise with grid power, we could see a mass exodus from the residential power grid.

This is happening despite increases in the population and more consumer electronic goods (although a tablet doesn't use a lot of power).

I'm curious if you guys think this trend will continue (in the near future, at least) or if we're due for a rebound. A lot of power-generation stocks (Transalta, Atlantic Power, Companhia Energetica are very depressed right now). Are they doomed forever? Or will falling demand self-correct at some point (i.e., when everyone has replaced their light bulbs and they haven't built any new power plants for a while)?

What do you think - is it time to invest in power generation stocks?
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