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According to Gail Vaz Oxlade's site :

The rule of thumb for budgeting home maintenance costs is that you can expect to spend between three and five percent of the value of your home holding the sucker together. Older homes require more financial investment. Brand new homes require almost nothing initially, often lulling home-owners into a false sense of what things really cost

So for a $300K home, you'd set aside $9-15K/yr.
Speaking from experience, that's an insanely high amount for repairs, unless you're talking about a home that's 50+ years old and due for major upgrades.

Since we bought our house, we've replaced or upgraded many of the major items. Here's what it cost us (everything below includes professional installation - the costs would be lower if you can DIY some items).

Hot water tank: $800
Sump pump: $400
Furnace (high efficiency, some new ductwork): $5000
Carpet cleaning: $200 each time
Shingle replacement (35yr shingles, ice&water shield, etc): $6000
Basement finishing: $13000
Garage door opener: $400
Garage door springs/drums: $300
Window sealed unit replacement (to fix broken seals & fog between panes): about $200 per window, depending on size
Bathroom upgrades (toilet, tub surround, countertop, fixtures): $4000
Closet organizers (California Closets): ~$700 per closet

All of the above was done in the first 6 years of owning the house, and the house was built in the early 1990s. Bear in mind that a lot of these things weren't mandatory "gotta fix it or else" items, but it give you an idea of how much things cost. For a typical detached house, I think $2000 per year is probably a good amount to set aside for a repair/maintenance fund, more if the house is older.
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