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Hi everyone. I have some beginners questions about REITs, TFSA and DRIP.

I would like to buy units in Cominar REIT and hold them in a TFSA.

On their website it says "If the units are registered in your name, you can enroll in the plan by filling out the Authorization Form and sending it to Cominar’s transfer agent (Computershare) at the address indicated below. Otherwise, simply ask your investment dealer to make the necessary arrangements." Does it mean the discount broker will do a synthetic drip in that case?

And how do you buy the units in your name? If there is no SPP does it mean you have to buy all the units via a discount broker?

And can you DRIP in a TFSA?

What are the steps to buy REITs in a TFSA? If you do, does it mean you can't participate in their DRIP program since it's done by their transfer agent?

Thank you
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