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I am thinking about getting into RE this year (as a place of residence). Before I get into anything, I try to do as much research as humanly possible though. So I am wondering how I would do research on these 2 topics:

- If I'm interested in a particular area, how would I find out the price history for a particular style of unit in that area? MLS doesn't appear to have an archive of previously sold homes.

Example: If I am interested in 1-bedroom condo's in the Davisville neighborhood in Toronto, I can see on MLS that the current market has them going for $240k to 250k. How do I find out how much those units cost a year ago, or 2 years ago, 3 years ago?

- The media says it's a buyer's market. How do I find out how much of an advantage are buyers really having? i.e. if units listed at $250-260k are actually getting negotiated down to 230k-240k how can I confirm that?
This is particularly relevant to me (for example) because while 260k is not viable for me, 240k is.

In my opinion, the best way to get information for your area is to find an agent to get it for you. As a buyer, a real estate agent is free as their commission is covered by approx. half of the sales commission.
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