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I've been helping some family move from an OLD version of accounting software from Australia (this company is in Ontario) to Quickbooks Online (QBO).

I don't know if anyone has used QBO, but I've found that the calculation of sales tax, particularly the Quebec QST/GST combo (9.975%+5%) is pretty wonky, consistently leaving me a few cents off on invoices. I've was told it's the way QBO rounds numbers when you have multiple line items in the invoice, they round to 2 digits after every line, then add the tax up. I checked this myself and it indeed that seems to be the case.

But the older software did what you would expect...if your invoice is $100, then QST/GST would be $100 + 14.975%, and this is how it would be presented on the invoice. In QBO, however, the invoice states $100 $+ 14.975% but if you took out a calculator and did the calculation, it'd be a few cents off, especially the more line items you have.

It's really annoying since the platform seems very widely-used, and and I'm surprised that more people aren't distressed by it. I figure CRA/RC understands about rounding and is ok if you're within a couple bucks, but it seems like a very obvious error when your invoice states one thing, and yet the calculation is off, even if it's by pennies. You're not doing analytical chemistry here, it's a straight forward calculation, why can't QBO just fix it so that the most obvious and straight forward answer shows up?

Anyone else notice this or dealt with it?
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