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Hello All,

This is just an FYI to avoid Questrade and setting stop losses. Last week, I was trading and set my stop loss (using a bracket order) then let it run(NOT stocks on OTCB or PINKS).I did this 3 times and in 3 different stocks, and lost much more than I had plan to lose all because Questrade trading software didn't work properly and after speaking with some obtuse chat support rep, I decided to call and explain the situation.Luckily I took screen shots and after much back and forth they decided to escalate the issue.After escalating the issue, I received a call back and they told me, they see what the issue is and that they need to 2 days to investigate what the issue was and why my stop loss didn;t work, and even though it was their fault they do not accept responsibility for the money I lost.I further enquired how is that possible, I lost money because your system didn't do what it was suppose to and they said in the contract, they have a clause that states reimbursements cannot be given in cases where technical issues are found to be the reason, BUT they would investigate more and call me back the next day, its been nearly a week and nothing.Pictures are below:

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This first image shows that my stop was at the 2.00 mark and the trade continuing below it and for the second, it would be 3.00 stop but it fell way below it, and they wont do anything to help.


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