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quebec city vs toronto

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I have a job offer to work in Quebec city downtown. I've never been to quebec city but I have been to montreal and surrounding areas.

Apparently it's one of the lowest cost of living cities in Canada. Aside from that, I was wondering what your personal opinion is of the city. I hear it gets a lot colder than Toronto, but I'll be living very close to work and plus they pay for transportation.

Is there a lot to do in the city? Aside from the language, people, and architecture, how is it different than Toronto? How is the social life, night life, and general retailers? Do they have american retailers like BestBuy and Famous Players (are movies in french only?) or are they completely detached? How are restaurants there and the food? I assume it's not as diverse as Toronto. Are people laid back or always in a hurry (business mentality)?


edit: Just checked, they don't have a best buy in quebec city :X nearest is laval, not that it matters.
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When I was renting here in Montréal, I had a nice 3-bedroom apartment for $550/month.
How long ago was that? $550/month is very cheap for a 3-bedroom, even by Montreal standards. I lived 7 years in Montreal (moved to Toronto three years ago). I was renting a bachelor for $450/month so I agree that rents are cheaper on average in Montreal. However, my impression has also been that the average standard of living is higher in Toronto (e.g. cleaner, better-maintained apartments, etc.). I think if you factor in the lower salaries and higher taxes, you will find that you're going to pay about as much (if not more) in Montreal as you would in Toronto to maintain the same standard of living.
The best bet is to find a duplex with an older landlord who lives in the other part of the place, has paid off the mortgage, and is more interested in having a quiet, reliable tenant than in making money.
Ah. That makes sense.
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