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quebec city vs toronto

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I have a job offer to work in Quebec city downtown. I've never been to quebec city but I have been to montreal and surrounding areas.

Apparently it's one of the lowest cost of living cities in Canada. Aside from that, I was wondering what your personal opinion is of the city. I hear it gets a lot colder than Toronto, but I'll be living very close to work and plus they pay for transportation.

Is there a lot to do in the city? Aside from the language, people, and architecture, how is it different than Toronto? How is the social life, night life, and general retailers? Do they have american retailers like BestBuy and Famous Players (are movies in french only?) or are they completely detached? How are restaurants there and the food? I assume it's not as diverse as Toronto. Are people laid back or always in a hurry (business mentality)?


edit: Just checked, they don't have a best buy in quebec city :X nearest is laval, not that it matters.
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I did some research and saw their tax rates, yikes. I'll pass on this job.
I really appreciate your responses, out of all the forums I've been on, no one has given me such detailed and exact responses. You guys bring quality content to this forum!

As for my job, it's really irrelevant, since I can do this kind of work in any country and I have lived in NYC, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley. I am also at the top of my field, so there isn't much I can learn anymore, my position usually involves leading and training everyone else..

At the end of the day I am looking for a balance of work life and good money, and in the US it's more of work/slave mentality (especially in NYC and LA), and doesn't meet my balance of life. Quebec seems like it would be unbalanced as well, too much life and not enough money plus high taxes..

I've had an opportunity to work in Tampa, FL which had good pay (no state income taxes, and rent & food is ridiculously cheap) and good work life balance, but they're due for a katrina like hurricane anytime soon and also their crime rate is huge, specifically property crime and burglary.

Overall maybe I should incorporate and create my own work environment and attract like minded individuals to work for me.
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