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Prepaid Visa

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I got a prepaid visa as a gift and it listed a $4.95 "purchase fee" and description says it applies at the time of purchase.

What exactly meant by "purchase" ?

  • The purchase of the prepaid visa, hence it's already been paid and it doesnt apply to me

  • Applies everytime I make a single purchase so it cost $4.95 + item cost

I'm incline to think it's the first point, but I can be wrong. Opinions? or if any of you guys have experience with prepaid visa?
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I think it means that every time you make a purchase, you get charged $4.95 extra by Visa for handling the purchase. On top of that, you may also get charged a merchant fee. Some prepaid cards are a rip-off as it's a way that they make their money. Depending on how much the card holds, try to make one or two large purchases to use it up, rather than a bunch of little ones.
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