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I have one deserving a slam for sure.
On a recent trip to the US, I used my Canadian cell phone rather liberally, without taking into account roaming charges.
Now the bill is here: over $300 in roaming charges.

It was nothing more than laziness (actually, being over-busy at work).
I _should_ have called the cell phone company beforehand to ask about roaming charges and signed up for a US roaming plan or at least acquired a pre-paid phone or something like that.
I have essentially been charged $1.50 per minute while south of the border for incoming and outgoing.

I was super busy at work up until the day of my travel and couldn't spare the 45 mins that would have taken me on the phone, but that's not a good excuse.

So now I'm kicking myself for having to pay $350 for something that would otherwise have cost me 45 mins. on the phone and maybe a $10 fee for adding US roaming to my plan.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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