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I worked for a major gold mine in northern bc for about a year and a half.

It was a fly-in only camp , we worked four weeks in and then two off.

I worked sixteen hours a day as a heavy duty mechanic , if they were short of mechanics I would forfeit my two weeks off and stay in for ten weeks at a time.

There really was nothing else to do there if not working , I figured working doubles was better than sitting in a bunkhouse drinking with the rest of the guys.

Near the end of my time there they cut the hours back to eight hours a day , that was when I quit , to me it just wasn't worth it being in camp anymore.

They paid us straight time for the first forty hours of every week , time and a half for the next twenty and double time for the remaider of the week.

It was a good camp and they fed us very well , camp was free as were flights in and out of Vancouver as well as motel rooms and meals while travelling.

I paid off all my debts that year including my mortgage , my tax return for the first year was $14,000 (I have a very good book keeper).

It was exhausting and being away from home and family was not fun , financially it was worth it.

Would I do it again? , No.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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