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About 6 months out of school, I was working for a contractor on a shutdown in Come-by-Chance, NF.

I put in something like 25 days straight, 12-hours/day. This was 168 hours over one 14-day pay period. The first 80 hours at straight time, the next 88 at 1.5x, for a total of 212 equivalent straight time hours in 2 weeks. It was, and still is, the biggest paycheque of my life. While I lived in Come-by-Chance, I boarded with a young couple for $50/week, meals included. I felt like a bandit, but that was the going rate in town for boarders.

That stint, and others like it, are a big reason why I was able to pay off my student loans in less than a year. Combined with a frugal lifestyle, of course...
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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