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I used to work overtime all the time - every chance I could get, really. While in high school and university I worked at the local A&P, and would be the go-to person if anyone called in sick. I lived really close to the store and would be there, in uniform, about ten minutes after the phone call. They were unionized and were supposed to do it by the book - calling each person by seniority until they got to the bottom of the seniority list (where I was), but they knew from experience that no one else ever wanted to come in on short notice. Time and a half is really appealling to a high school student.

I also use to volunteer for any Sunday shift I could, as back then Sundays were also paid at time and a half (they were not really "legal" workdays until a few years after I started working). I used to double up on my Sunday shifts - working a very early morning shift in produce doing all the price changes and chalkboard signs, and then switching over to do a second shift on cash.

Money was a big motivator for me back then - my parents gave us no allowance, and earning money was the only way I could buy clothes, food and other stuff to hang out with my friends.

Now, time and a half wouldn't motivate me to leave my family at home and come into work. Maybe triple time...;)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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