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I was thinking that there should be a thread (maybe even a sticky one) about our favourite calculators. These are the ones that I have been using.

FICO Credit Score Calculator

RESP Savings Calculator

Various Canadian Financial Calculators
*I use these a lot. Great variety.

Various Tax Calculators
*I find many of these awkward, but they seem to work

Simple Mortgage v. RRSP Contribution Calculator

Downloadable Smith Manoeuvre Spreadsheet (Excel)
*I'm not doing any SM (yet) but the allure is there.

Okay, now the more knowledgeable amongst us should step in and correct my wayward ways!
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Net worth calculator from CNN. It is American, and I don't know how reliable it is, but they will tell you where you stand relative to your age group and your income group.
You may find the Sleepy Portfolio rebalancing spreadsheet useful. I use it for rebalancing the RESP portfolios for my kids.
Mortgage broker Invis has an useful selection of mortgage-related calculators: Calculators
Thanks to CC for sharing this income tax estimator with me the other day. All the provinces are included it seems.

Hi there, I'm an index investor primarily, new to CMF. Great job so far!Does anyone know of a good and free program to keep track of daily/monthly expenses?
Much appreciated.
Does anyone know of a good and free program to keep track of daily/monthly expenses?
Try GNUCash. I don't use it personally (I'm on Microsoft Money) but I've tried it out and seems to be a pretty good program.
Canadian personal tax rates

How could I forget these!

Personal tax calculator
RRSP savings calculator

Ernst & Young Tax Calculators
Here are 3 web sites that have retirement calculators. I've tried a lot of calculators and have good idea how much money I will need. However, the third one below based on Bruce Cohen's The Pension Puzzle tells me I need to save a lot more than any other calculator I've tried. I'm very interested to hear if others get the similiar results. The Retirement Advisor calculators are my favorite.
Might not be of real use to calculate your worth but here's a neat page that tells you what "Class" you fit into, just for fun:

Note this is American.
I have created a TFSA Calculator based in excel if anyone is interested.

Link: TFSA Calculator
Here's a good set of calculators.. but i may be a bit biased ;)
Stay tuned guys, we're going to have a bunch of excel spreadsheet calculators coming up.
Here is one of my favorite mortgage calculators, because it shows the payments broken down into interest and principal. Just make sure you set "show full amortization table" to yes.

Besides this calculator, I usually just use my own spreadsheet to predict mortgage payments.
I have a question about the Pension Puzzle calculator on the Fiscal Agents web site.

I'm not sure what to put on the line where it asks for the DB Pension Indexing Rate. I've been leaving it blank because my pension does not have guaranteed indexing. However, I'd like to play around with various scenarios.

For example, if inflation is 3% and a pension has a maximum indexing of 2/3 of the CPI does one put in 2% or 67%?

Unfortunately, the calculator's help section doesn't address this question Here's the link to the calculator:
Ativa Interactive

I found this site a few weeks ago and I really like the range of calculators that they offer. They are all Canadian (ie. the TFSA calculators) and they offer free trials of the more in-depth financial planning tools that they have. I haven't tried the free trials yet but the calculators, I think, are very good. If anybody has tried the free trial software I'd be curious to know if it's worth a look.
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